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How to Solve the Self Pay Revenue Recovery Puzzle

The last thing most financial officers, directors and managers at hospitals want to think about is Self Pay Revenue Recovery solutions.  But it should be one of the first.  Because with the right tools, technology, training and talent, it’s possible to recover more Self Pay revenue than ever before -- quickly, easily and at a reasonable net cost.  Vision Self Pay Revenue Recovery has a demonstrated track record of helping hospitals solve the Self Pay Revenue Recovery puzzle.  Our discrete, advanced solutions can often be implemented without disrupting current vendor relationships or in-place technology.  Our proven, innovative approaches are guaranteed to recover more Self Pay revenue faster. And our commitment to helping you maintain positive relations with your patients is paramount.
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Vision is the only Self Pay Revenue Recovery company with the specialized expertise and tools to recover more revenue based upon a better knowledge of the individual Self Pay patient. Our services include:

One of Vision’s most important differences is how we help you solve the Self Pay Revenue Recovery puzzle.  Vision:

  • Always treats your patients with respect
  • Becomes your dedicated Self Pay Revenue Recovery department
  • Implements our programs for you often without disruption
  • Creates an environment of open communications based on mutual trust
  • Handles customer complaints with transparency and caring service
  • Has client focused technology solutions
  • Provides you with comprehensive management reports