Our Promise

One of the Most Imporatant Differences is How We Work with You:
We always treat your patients with respect.

We realize how much you value your patients.  So we have three priorities:

  1. Do no harm to your patient relationship. 
  2. Collect money in a professional, courteous and compassionate manner. 
  3. Successfully resolve your patients’ issues.


We become your dedicated Self Pay Revenue Recovery department.

  • We are an extension of your staff and work to understand your internal protocols. That way we can answer your patients’ questions and reflect the reality of how you run your day-to-day operations.
  • We have a daily exchange of account listing and payment data (along with a balancing protocol) with our clients.  This ensures we have the most current patient account information available.
  • We use local telephone exchange numbers to create transparency for the patient.
  • Our representatives have immediate access to real time updates or information with remote access to the hospital patient accounting system.
  • We set up a local e-mail address on the hospital network so hospital staff and customers can communicate with us in a familiar way.                                                                       

We implement our programs for you often without disruption.

Vision uses a state-of-the-art project management program that we developed exclusively for our healthcare clients.  Our entire team comes to the table to work with your team. Your Vision project leader handles all your implementation issues until your program is up and running and your performance expectations are satisfied. We familiarize everyone on your team with the protocols and answer any questions they have.  A complete reference manual is provided to your staff by your Vision representative.


We create an environment of open communication based upon mutual trust.

We maintain multiple lines of communications with you and your revenue cycle staff -- from operations to client services to executive level management.  Listening to you and actually understanding what you’re concerned about is always our primary objective.  Listening may be a lost art but at Vision it’s become a science.  We hear you. Vision is responsive to your evolving needs in a healthcare environment that changes daily.


We deal with customer complaints with transparency and caring service.

We provide you with immediate access to all pertinent communications and pro-actively notify you if our representatives feel that a customer might have an unresolved issue.  All conversations between Vision representatives and patients are recorded.  We monitor all contacts for quality control and use recordings as a teaching tool for our staff.  Vision follows the industry standard provided by the Professional Practices Management System in working to track and resolve open issues.


We have client focused technology solutions.

Vision has invested heavily in state-of-the-art communication protocols and uses best-of-breed operating systems.  Our Interactive Intelligence integrated telephony and dialer management system is one of the top systems in the market today.  Our Ontario Systems operating platform has been the leader in the accounts receivable recovery industry since the mid-1980s.


We provide you with comprehensive management reports.

Vision uses both internal Crystal Reports protocols as well as outside programming assistance as unique client reporting needs arise. 

Vision Self Pay Revenue Recovery:

  • Always treats your patients with respect
  • Becomes your dedicated Self Pay Revenue Recovery department
  • Implements our programs for you often without disruption
  • Creates an environment of open communications based on mutual trust
  • Handles customer complaints with transparency and caring service
  • Has client focused technology solutions
  • Provides you with comprehensive management reports