How One Hospital Increased its Medicaid Enrollment
Identification and Payments Plus Self Pay Recovery,
All at a Lower Cost

The Client:

A small hospital in rural Indiana


The Challenges:

  1. The hospital’s Medicaid enrollment firm was under performing
  2. The hospital needed help in working with Self Pay patients
  3. The hospital’s account was too small for most Medicaid enrollment firms
  4. The hospital was using too many vendors, recovering too little at too high a cost


The Solution:

Vision collaborated with the hospital’s Patient Financial Services team to work out a solution. Vision Medicaid Enrollment provided the hospital with off-site financial counselors who spoke one-on-one with patients who appeared to have no insurance when they entered the hospital or received care. Vision Self Pay/Early Out was the tool of choice for Self Pay patients.


The Surprise:

Surprise. No surprise.


The Results:

Self Pay Revenue Recovery increased as well as Medicaid enrollment identification and Medicaid payments -- with one vendor at a lower cost than the two previous vendors.


The Take-Away:

Vision has the right tools, technology and talent to help smaller hospitals recover more Self Pay revenue at a lower cost.


Vision Medicaid Enrollment and Vision Self Pay/Early Out:

Discover and Recover More for Less.   

“Vision worked with us to increase our Self Pay recovery. They worked with our internal staff to seamlessly approach our patients and help them resolve their accounts.” 
Rocky Knorr | Woodlawn Hospital