Vision SPS/Self Pay Stratification and Propensity to Pay Evaluation

Recover More. Faster. Easier.

Vision SPS helps you recover more Self Pay revenue faster with less work. Hospitals can achieve multiple goals with Vision SPS depending on their requirements. 


For hospitals processing their own Self Pay accounts, Vision SPS can:

  1. Stratify accounts to better maximize recovery and minimize work
  2. Support and/or validate manual charity determinations


Vision SPS enables hospitals to determine the probability of a Self Pay recovery so resources can be allocated most effectively and efficiently.


Vision SPS identifies:

  • Charity accounts
  • Propensity to pay indicators
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
    • Bad Debt


Why choose Vision SPS?

  • Charity methodology has been reviewed by states and passed general audit testing
  • Accurate estimates of income with credit bureau validation
  • Proven to reduce costs and increase recovery                                         
  • Can be quickly implemented
  • Delivers a rapid ROI – Competitively priced

At Vision, we specialize in Self Pay Stratification and Propensity to Pay Evaluation for healthcare provider organizations.