How Vision Can Help

Vision Self Pay Revenue Recovery continues to provide proven, innovative approaches that are guaranteed to recover more Self Pay revenue faster for Providers. Our commitment to helping Providers maintain positive relations with their patients is the cornerstone of our business.  Virtually all of the resources available today are geared toward the consumer as well as the social services agencies.  As a result, Vision has created a central point of access for the resources and information that has been designed especially for the Providers and their needs as the Health Insurance Exchanges open on October 1st.


Vision has created a suite of tools and resources that are now available exclusively for Providers:

  • Outreach programs specifically designed to assist Providers
  • Qualified staffing programs to assist patients
  • Training Programs to assist your internal staff from enrollment to processing
  • Certification and Qualification training and preparation
  • Enrollment application execution and processing
  • On-going education programs
  • Full Service Consulting, Staffing & Processing

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If you have questions or need more information on how Vision SPRR can help you and your facility, send an email to