Vision VisInsure: Commercial Insurance Identification

VisInsure is designed to evaluate all of a hospital’s pure Self Pay accounts to determine:

  1. If a patient might have some form of insurance that was either missed during the registration process or
  2. If a patient was unable to be successfully verified and the account was classified as Self Pay


Only Vision has a proven program to screen pure Self Pay patients for commercial insurance eligibility. 


Why choose VisInsure?

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Fast implementation
  • Does not replace any current vendors
  • No risk contingency-based and rapid ROI fee models
  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Denied claims can be quickly identified, repaired and resubmitted
  • Discovers “unidentified” qualified claims missed by others
  • Can provide automated charity care evaluation/validation and/or Self Pay stratification
  • Results are guaranteed 
  • Our clients always discover and recover revenue

Most hospital’s misclassify   2-5% of their insurance accounts as Self Pay.  VisInsure™ uses a proprietary technology to identify those accounts and turn them into cash collections.