How One Hospital Recovered an Unexpected $865,000 in
Self Pay Revenue without Paying a Single Transaction Fee with VisInsure: Commercial Insurance Identification 

The Client:

A mid-size hospital in the Greater Chicago Area


The Challenges:

  1. How to identify commercial insurance coverage?
  2. How to identify Medicare/Medicaid coverage on presumed self pay accounts?
  3. How to enhance staff training to do internal patient access/registration?


The Solution:

VisInsure by Vision Self Pay Revenue Recovery did it all with no transaction fees.


The Surprise:

VisInsure uses innovative technology for discovering Medicaid and Medicare eligibility plus a single source, specialized component for commercial insurance discovery that no other vendor offers. And it’s contingency based.  There is no “per transaction” fee.  Vision doesn’t get paid until we discover and recover the revenue for you.


The Results:

With gross revenue of $880MM, the hospital recovered over $865,000 in cash in less than one year.  That’s equal to an additional 1% of revenue to their bottom line.


The Take-Away:

Our experience tells us that 5-8% of presumed self pay patient accounts are actually covered by insurance.  How much are you missing?

VisInsure:   Results Guaranteed.

“Ingalls has used VisInsure as both a recovery tool and a training tool.  Vision has been able to identify presumed Self Pay accounts that really had insurance and we have been very pleased with the results.  We also use the results as a training tool for our staff to understand where we can better identify insurance coverage during the registration and admitting process.  We would recommend this program to any hospital.”

Judy Genovese | Ingalls Hospital