How One Hospital Used a Cost-Effective Self Pay Stratification Tool to Accomplish Multiple Goals

The Client:

A mid-size hospital located in the Midwest


The Challenge:

A steady increase in the number of Self Pay patients made a self pay stratification tool a necessity. Unfortunately, the ROI wasn’t there for most stratification tool options.


The Solution:

Vision SPS/Self Pay Stratification:  No expensive up-front charges with more revenue recovery at a reasonable net cost.


The Surprise:

Vision SPS achieved three objectives:

  1. Tested charity evaluation protocols
  2. Evaluated presumptive charity/bad debt
  3. Stratified internal follow-up work flows


The Results:

The hospital business staff was freed up to focus on accounts most likely to pay.

The hospital auto-writes off charity balances below a certain dollar level and has changed their Self Pay workflow to increase cash collections at a much faster pace.


The Take-Away:

You’ve got to see what you’re missing before you can recover it.


Vision SPS/Self Pay Stratification: 

Recover More. Faster. Easier.

“We are able to use the Vision SPS modeling to write off identified accounts to bad debt sooner.”
Terri Rinker | Community Hospital