Vision Bad Debt Collection                       

Once a hospital has exhausted normal collection efforts and determined that the guarantor is not cooperating, Vision acts as a third party to work with the patient to resolve their financial responsibilities.  Unlike many other third party collection services, Vision believes that success in collecting accounts comes with a positive sales approach to the patient.  We know that medical bills are not often planned. It is with this knowledge in mind that Vision approaches your patient in a positive way to assist them in resolving their financial obligations.


Why choose Vision Bad Debt Collection?

  • Proven results with increased net returns
  • Pre-collection program
  • Industry certified collectors trained in communication, FDCPA, HIPAA and other applicable laws
  • Skip tracing
  • Insurance and follow-up
  • Client training
  • Custom client reporting
  • Legal processing of fully screened unresolved accounts
  • Repository notification with client approval

At Vision, we specialize in Bad Debt Collection among Self Pay patients for healthcare provider organizations.