How One Hospital Quickly Got its Charity Evaluation Under Control and Easily Fulfilled its Community Service Commitment so it Could Focus on Recoverable Revenue


The Client:

A northwest Indiana hospital


The Challenges:

  1. How to write off charity on true Self Pay balances immediately but wait to write off charity balances for Self Pay after insurance until recovery efforts have been completed?
  2. An out-of-control charity evaluation process that was costing time and money
  3. Revised charity care requirements under the new Federal Healthcare Legislation (PPACA) make compliance increasingly difficult to monitor


The Solution:

Vision Charity Evaluation/Validation eliminated the problems and offered solutions.  Plus, costly manual analysis for charity eligibility was cost-effectively automated.


The Surprise:

The hospital challenged Vision to match their charity guidelines with the Vision charity evaluation program.  After putting the Vision algorithm “to the test,” the hospital acknowledged Vision’s performance. 


The Results:

The business office now receives customized reports that analyze each patient’s ability to pay and determines eligibility for charity.  The hospital fulfills its community service efficiently so it can focus efforts on recoverable self pay revenue.


The Take-Away:

Handle charity evaluation and validation more efficiently and you’ll have more time and resources to focus on recoverable Self Pay revenue.  That means more revenue recovery with documented compliance.


Vision Charity Evaluation/Validation:

Do Good. Recover More.

“Vision was able to match our charity guidelines and provide us with a meaningful Charity Evaluation.” 

Terri Rinker | Community Hospital