Vision Customer Care Center:  Total Transparency + Quality Assurance 

This is where the tools, technology, training and talent all come together. 

The Vision Customer Care training program starts on the first day a new associate joins the Vision team. And it continues throughout his or her career with Vision. The orientation for a new Vision Associate begins with HIPAA and other federal and state laws as well as the Vision mission, legacy systems and customer service policies. Specialty training follows and never really ends.


Every Vision Customer Care Representative is cross-trained for multiple clients to better assist the Primary Client Team when there is call overflow.  More patients are contacted, wait time for the caller is reduced and ultimately more revenue is recovered faster. Medicaid Enrollment Financial counselors at Vision are assigned experienced mentors who prepare them to work in this very dynamic and complex government program specialty.  The result for our clients is Medicaid approval percentages among the highest in the industry.                                                            

A weekly review of call recordings in a group setting is just one training tool that is sharpening the Vision Self Pay/Early Out and Collection Teams’ performance.   Consistency + Quality Control = More Revenue Recovered for Vision Clients. At Vision, quality control protocols assure our clients that their patients and customers are being treated in a professional and courteous manner.   In addition to our proprietary training systems, training programs from internationally recognized trade associations and others are also used at Vision to allow us to work on continuous process improvement.

Vision has never lost a client for failing to treat patients the way the client wanted them to be treated.


A State-of-the-Art & Science IP Telephony Solution

When the best talent gets the best training and the best technology, you get self pay revenue recovery rates like ours.


The Vision Customer Care Center:

  • Incorporates the leading edge in telephony/dialer/IVR systems (authored by Interactive Intelligence)
  • Allows an unequalled level of flexibility and call control
  • Offers Inbound/Outbound Predictive Call Processing
  • Records 100% of calls
  • Interactive messaging
  • Unattended messaging
  • Text to speech functionality
  • Integration with Vision’s legacy accounts receivable application
  • Increased opportunities for coaching, remote connectivity, quality assurance and monitoring net a more pleasant patient experience

Vision has one of the most effective Customer Care Training Programs in the business.


Vision has never lost a client for failing to treat patients the way the client wanted them to be treated.