Why Vision

Recover More Self Pay Revenue at Every Step.
All at a Reasonable Net Cost

At Vision, we specialize in Self Pay Revenue Recovery for healthcare provider organizations.  Our senior management team has over 100 years combined, specialized experience in Self Pay Revenue Recovery.  We use the most innovative, most specialized technology, tools and techniques in the industry.  And we specialize in treating you and your patients with nothing less than special care.


Vision delivers measurable results for clients, quickly and efficiently. 

At Vision we help healthcare provider organizations recover more Self Pay revenue and do it more efficiently.  Our services help hospitals to:

  • Increase Self Pay cash flow   
  • Recover cash more quickly  
  • Maximize patient satisfaction  
  • Identify commercial insurance coverage 
  • Identify government payment opportunities 
  • Reduce work effort for hospital staff  
  • Reduce telephone and mailing costs  
  • Provide seamless continuity   
  • Maximize your net return 
At Vision, we help healthcare provider organizations recover more Self Pay revenue more efficiently.